Banking on Success-More Than Ever.

When Scandinavian finacial giant Danske bought over Northern Bank Northern Irelands biggest financial network with 105 branches across the country it was important to retain customer confidence and stress the the positive benefits brough about to customers and staff.
This would provce to be a massive excercise on my fronts. Retraining staff in new technologies, Improving customer experience. Rebranding overnight was the expectation turning every branch into a Danske Bank. This was to be named Migration day.
Before developing my ideas I took a trip to Sweden and Denmark to help better understand and experience the brand first hand. I immersed myself in all areas of customer engagement understandin g the DNA of the brand and its methology.
I felt it imortant that we develop a pre launch strand of activity educating and creating interset in the Danske brand. I also helped developed a more realistic guide to rolling out the brand collaterial across the 105 branches.
I took full charge of all areas of communication from brochures to window displays . On another level I was developing new TV commercials. My concept was based on the need to explain and reassure that things were changing in a good way continuing to value the customer. The message for this had to reinforce this but also personalise it to help demonstrate the benefits of electronic banking and how it can be made more bespoke .
I came to settle on MORE THAN EVER...Northern Bank this allowed us to migrate to MORETHAN EVER ...DANSKE BANK . This line could then be personalised to MORE THAN EVER ...JOHN's BANK ETC ETC.
As Creative Director I had to oversee all areas of the plan and ensure everything was in place for Migration day.
The launch was very sucessful and within a very short space of time Danske Bank our local bank.

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