• Viren Parsotam
  • John Ajagbe
  • reg singh
  • Scott Grayson-Davies
  • Ali Salum
  • Jade Harvey
  • Danny Fairley

BARCLAYS SWITCHER Working at Barlcays Canary Wharf I collaborated with the UX team to create the user interface of the Barclays account switcher feature. This allows a user to easily switch an existing account over to Barclays. I designed the UI across desktop, tablet and mobile and also created HTML prototypes for stake holder demonstrations.

BARCLAYS CAREERS Working with a digital agency I was tasked to design the new careers portal for Barclays. My role was the UI designer working along side a brand designer and web developer. The focus of this project was to help those looking for a career in Barclays, whether in branch or in office, to easily navigate through the site, to understand how to find the appropriate information about a particular job and feedback from those already working in the company. I designed the layout of the site using brand elements and brand typography. The Barclays look and feel is quite minimal with an emphasis on clear message. I pushed clear navigation across the site and ensured the user always has a means to search for a job or include live job listings. I also designed pages that allowed the user to read real stories of current employees and the ability to search jobs across the UK.