Barts Ingredients Company

  • Amaia Zelaiaundi
Bart has been selling herbs and spices for fifty years and has an established relationship with Waitrose and other premium retailers.

So why were these industry experts suffering from lack of brand awareness and struggling to differentiate themselves from strong competition like Schwartz and own label incursion?

Herbs and spices were viewed as a commodity. Instead of browsing, buyers came with a recipedriven A-Z ingredient search, a lack of brand loyalty and few incentives to buy more frequently – there was nothing to inspire or educate.


- Name was changed to Bart Ingredients Company (from Bart Spices) to appeal to new audience
- ‘Spoonkler’ lid designed to improve ease of use
- Logo made to look bigger, bolder and more natural
- Premium quality communicated by adding quality seal and using silver print
- Educational copy added to inspire creative cooks and foodies

We went on to design their new website and stationary, and continued to look at ways to better engage consumers with the brand. This led to us designing an interactive in-store fixture with scented herb and spice aromas and a tablet that people could use to browse inspiring recipes.

The rebranded packaging went into store in September 2012 and made such a significant change to the way people engaged with the brand that it won a coveted DBA award for its commercial success – after all, it generated £200,000 profit in just 12 weeks.