Based on a True Story - R+D Solo Exhibition

  • Dean Hoy

Based on a True Story is R+D’s reaction and dramatisation of how fear is used to control society. This story is told through 13 horror stories, collectively taking the form of photography, film and object. These stories tackle societal fear and the deconstruction of archaic horror tropes. While paying homage to a genre that is often disregarded, but has a profound legacy and a personal impact upon R+D’s practice. Horror’s ability to be outrageously explicit and to trigger instant guttural emotion while acting as an escape from reality is the exact ethos of R+D. Through fashion image and object they would like to act as this escape and to introduce you to their world of ‘true’ stories. The project was featured on platforms such as DAZED, i-D, 10 Magazine and LOVE Magazine.


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    Dazed & Confused / Dazed Digital

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      10 Magazine, 10 Men and 10+