Baubles & Brunch: Christmas Bauble Decorating Event

  • Camille Lesforis

I ran my first ticketed workshop event via my self led workshop business ‘CamiCrafts’. I started off by pitching my workshop idea to various venues, liaising with the owners, general managers or event managers expressing how the event could bring in more business over the Christmas period and also elevate my own. @Tracks bar was very interested in my workshop event idea with excellent facilities to run a workshop, including the perfect audience with artistic interests. I liaised with the manager of the venue on timings, dates and space for the workshop, following onto a great collaboration for marketing materials to promote the event. In total I sold 15 tickets via eventbrite and 2 tickets on the door. Marketing materials: - I created 3 bauble samples to show audiences techniques and styles of working. This was also used for the advertisement for the poster and social media feeds for the workshop. - To increase engagement and sales I promoted that the first 10 purchased tickets will include free fairy lights. - I targeted various artists within the forest gate community to promote the event, the venue shared my social media marketing materials to increase sales. - The choice of tickets enabled @Tracks bar to profit from the workshop event. We combined both our businesses goals to the audience to reach our targets. Facilitating: - I taught participants painting techniques for the ceramic moulds, including craft skills of embellishment/ decorating using various materials. - All instructions were led correctly and safely to my varied aged audiences. - I guided the audience to personalise their creative masterpieces by using numerous styles of typography and tools to stylise their baubles to present as a gift for a friend or family relative. - Everyone received a treat bag for their including tissue paper to protect the ceramic baubles / gift wrap for a friend or relative. This was a very festive project! My relationship with the venue has been such a success I am already planning for a Valentines day workshop! More event updates to follow!