BBC Civilisations AR

  • Michelle Collier

In early 2018, BBC Arts brought classic TV show Civilisations back to life on BBC Two. Covering over 5,000 artefacts from human history, the show tells the story of different Civilisations across time through the objects and artworks they made. The BBC Civilisations AR app accompanied the show, offering viewers the opportunity to discover and explore a whole world of cultural objects in their own home through the magic of augmented reality. The app features around forty 3D-scanned historic cultural artefacts from museum collections, from the Rosetta Stone to a Corinthian Helmet. Using your device's camera, the AR app allows you hunt the globe for these artefacts and then "place" them in your own environment. Users can then switch up the scale of the objects, read a short synopsis, take a photo with the artefacts, or use a magic spotlight to hunt for hidden hotspots that reveal the more of the object's stories. BBC R&D along with Nexus Studios designed and developed the app, with around 30 UK-based museums and galleries submitting artefacts for inclusion. I worked with the team to develop the app tone of voice and content strategy for the different layers of narrative engagement. I also created and edited UI copy, voiceover scripts and artefact spotlight stories.