BBC Package - There's a New T-Rex In Town

  • Al Booth

When a new dinosaur exhibition opens at an old hall and the expert guest you've been asked to line-up for interview says, "I've already spoken about it so many times.." - it's a great excuse/relief to get creative! A three-and-a-half minute package for the BBC which plays on a new T-Rex coming to Wollaton Hall in Nottingham, famously home to Batman in The Dark Knight Rises film. Also, despite the expert not wanting to talk dinosaur bones, this is an example of taking the conversation down an unexpected route that will get the best answer from a guest who was previously polite, but uninterested in being involved. It also proves that when put on the spot about something fun, most people want to join in. (Especially when the sun is shining.) My latest freelance piece I wrote, produced and voiced for BBC Radio Nottingham: Who would win in a fight between Batman and T-Rex?