• Jacobo Giquel

This project assessed New Blood’s D&AD BBC brief: “Design is a new customer experience or service to help the BBC’s audiences to fit the BBC into their daily lives, Tailored and optimised to where they are and the device they are using. You should consider both the services BBC audiences already know and love, and also how you might weave in new kinds of offerings powered by data and ambient intelligence (environment that are sensitive and responsive to the presence of people).” BBC Brief - New Blood Awards 2021. Power to the people is an on-site event no longer than a weekend held by BBC in London’s Trafalgar Square. The idea consists on giving people the power to speak up and choose by themselves the voice that would represent them.

On the date 4 big screens would surround Captain Nelson’s Statue with a QR code on top of it. Through this last one participants are able to access a BBC Twitter - like software that allows to post and vote comments. The most voted ones would figure in the screen for everyone to read.

Goals and Consequences.

1. Expand to New Audiences. According to BBC’s Annual Report, teenagers and young adults (16 - 34) consume BBC an average of 2 hours and 36 minutes per week, whilst 55 and over reach the 13 hours a week. One of our goals is making the young more recurrent to the news platform. In order to achieve so, we designed a thoughtful, interactive and engaging strategy based mainly in media and smartphones, which adopt a big loss in youngsters’ life. 2. Provide an Interactive Experience. According to Ofcom, half of young adults recur to social media platforms such as Twitter to get their news. Twitter’s format it’s brilliant for news, its freedom of expression makes it easy to appreciate and share certain ideas. We think that BBC can learn from this approach and even improve it, making it more fun and engaging through a physical format.