BBC Radio 1: We Are Gay And We Like Football Too

  • Joseph Murphy
  • molly moe
  • Sarah Kendal

It's 2017 and there are currently no openly gay players in the premier league. Why? Working with Snappin' Turtle Productions and the BBC Radio 1 team, we investigated gay culture within football, it's history and why there is currently a lack of representation on the field. Following the story of avid football fan, Tom, we followed him on his journey back to the pitch and to understand more about the stigma surrounding the sport. The documentary explores the games' dark past of discrimination and the challenges it faces to overcome the issues. Working as researcher for the project, I contacted the London Titans, a London-based LGBTQ+ inclusive team, who agreed to face-off in a match with a team of lads. The match served as a backdrop to Tom's first game since he had come out. Following a tense match, the documentary then expanded on each of the players thoughts and whether sexuality bares any relevance when it comes to the sport. Client: BBC Radio 1 Production Company: Snappin' Turtle Productions My Role: Researcher