BBC Radio 1 Xtra's Cosmic Wind Down

  • Chris Nicoll
  • Sam Parker

One hour of chilled, blissed out, future thinking beats transporting you on a journey into Jamz’s world and beyond. Helping you relax and chill whilst discovering new music, woven together as a seamless soundtrack. GET LOST... The brief? To feel transported to another place with space sounds, gentle space ship take offs, NASA style communication, gentle whooshes and calming sounds along with freshly composed music and beats to complement the vibe. ...IN A GALAXY... A New Dawn, Apollo, Event Horizon, Little Blue Planet, Rings of Saturn, Slow Orbit, Cold Quasar, Orion’s Belt, Star In My Hands, Into The Dark. They're even names that evoke an out of this world experience. ...OF BLISSED BEATS.