Chris Nicoll

Chris Nicoll

Creative DirectorLondon, United Kingdom
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Chris Nicoll

Chris Nicoll

Creative DirectorLondon, United Kingdom
About me
I make noise -- some ordered into music, some not.
  • 8-Bit Big Beat
    8-Bit Big BeatPrepare for the boss battle as raucous Big Beat grooves and industrious electronic textures come to the fore, building towards an air of bit-crushed arcade nostalgia.
  • wisebuddah FX 1
    wisebuddah FX 1Wisebuddah FX contains 500 high quality individually designed sounds to help you punctuate Radio Imaging and Jingles in a modern, cutting edge fashion. All killer, no filler - all sounds have been created with usability in mind so you can easily mix and match different components. Whether you need in-your-face ear splitting breakers and heavy impacts, or light touches with wipes, risers and hi-frequency glitches. Built by the creative team behind the sound of some of the world’s greatest radio
  • CHUM 104.5
    CHUM 104.5Canada’s CHUM 104.5 have teamed up with Wisebuddah to recently launch an extensive new jingle package. With a new Hot AC sound built around a core sonic to help punctuate the station’s key message to ‘Make Toronto Pop’, the station asked us to produce a dozen new custom IDs. Wade Taylor, Imaging Director for CHUM 104-5 said Wisebuddah were instrumental in helping us achieve this new sound - their talent, fresh thinking, and ability to create and harness a concept, in my opinion, is unmatched.
  • Capital FM
    Capital FMCreated between 2010-2016 – 6 years worth of audio to choose from is a heck of a lot. This is a huge montage of favourites, bests and award winning work. Check out the audio and listen out from some easter eggs that never hit the airwaves… wizzFX provided sound design and various musical compositions.
  • Capital XTRA
    Capital XTRAA huge montage of work, this time for Capital XTRA. This work (especially the launch sequence) helped the station win a Radio Arqiva for Imaging in 2014. wizzFX provided sound design and various musical compositions.
  • The Official Vodafone Big Top 40 with Vodafone
    The Official Vodafone Big Top 40 with VodafoneCreated during time at Global Radio in 2015. The Futz Butler provided the music. wizzFX provided sound design.
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Projects credited in
  • Hits Radio Sponsorship Music
    Hits Radio Sponsorship MusicMoney definitely equals cool. Sponsor credits on a radio station needs to sound just as good as the imaging, because it’s an opportunity to lose listeners. That’s where WIZZFX came in. Partnering with Joe and the Hits Radio team, we created and delivered more sponsor credit music. 10 custom tracks featuring bespoke sound design and vocal post production. With names like Chasing You, Cobalt, Culture, Flavor of the Day, Juice, Lost World, North Feel, Tequila, Toronto, Typhoon. And just like
  • XS Manchester
    XS ManchesterTargeting 35-54 year olds, XS Manchester music focuses on classic anthems, Britpop and the best guitar driven hits of the 00s and today. A new sonic platform. All voiced by Gabriella Ashcroft, we worked on capturing the essence of the playlist crafting elements and work parts out of guitar noise, crowd atmospheres, and drum hits all to evoke the energy needed. This work can easily be heard in Breakfast ID’s, In to Breaks, Station ID’s and Weekend ID’s. Continuing development on this theme, we
  • KISS Nights
    KISS NightsA complete overhaul of the specialist output on KISS meant an entirely new sound to match. Something more than just a ‘one-size-fits-all-swap-out-the-DJ-names’ package. Unique. Individual. Massive. Drum & Bass, Afrobeats, Grime, Hip Hop, Dance and Garage from across the UK and beyond, every show has hand-crafted bespoke production to suit each DJ and their vibez. From a Top of Hour and two Out of Break to a suite of In to Break ramps, KISS Nights ID’s, DJ Name elements, Menu’s, and Promos. W
  • 89.7 BAY
    89.7 BAYPowerful. Big. Modern. Exciting. That was the brief – all the while avoiding the dangers of ‘tired, cheesy and played-out’ that so many other stations the world over can fall into – that Bay were after as an update to their station sound. All part of a larger on-and-off air shake up to help continue the station’s 13 year legacy as being the number one station in Malta. How many elements?! We created 266 individual elements ready for the launch of the ‘new’ Bay sound. Harnessing the power of
  • 106.8 Jack FM
    106.8 Jack FMBetween 2009-2010 Jack FM commissioned writing and production for the award winning output in Oxfordshire.
  • BBC Radio 2 - Sounds of the 90s
    BBC Radio 2 - Sounds of the 90sDuring attachment at the BBC as part of the Station Sound team, the opportunity was given to create branding for BBC Sounds of the 90s. 6 mini-mashups were created, each with their own flavour and mix of music, jingles, TV show clips and themes, games, and sound effects that resonate with the era.
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Work history
    WIZZFX logo
    WIZZFX logo
    London, United KingdomFull Time
    General ManagerIMGR
     - London, United KingdomFull Time
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  • Audio Branding
  • Sound Design
  • Music Composition
  • Sound Mixing
  • Audio Production
  • Audio Mastering
  • Audio Mixing
  • Music Editing
  • Music
  • Audio
    Bachelor of Broadcast CommunicationsNew Zealand Broadcasting School
     - Christchurch, New Zealand
    Silver, Best Station Sound ProducerAudio Production Awards
    The judges said: "Some of the best imaging I've heard this year. Chris can clearly turn his hand to any brief on any format, in any language! All his imaging is beautifully produced and sounds like 2020. Nothing short of world class." "A sonic wizard able to adapt to any format and any country! He creates a lush and consistent sound." "Strong, smart use of effects with a clear understanding of how rhythm and the music words for dramatic effect. Refreshing to hear other languages and how you interpreted and brought to life their sound."