• Sam Parker
  • Chris Nicoll

Staying on the cutting edge of the new country sound requires a constant stream of bespoke production, and that’s why KMGO came to us. RUSTLIN’ PUN HERE Like, we’re corralling the sound, or herding the noise? Seriously though, we’re whippin’ it into shape. Music Demo’s, Breakfast Sweepers, Generic Sweepers, Workday Sweepers, Artist Sweepers, Short Transitions. YEEHAW (soz). But also not soz, because our work is buckin’ the trends. “KMGO has a rich history rooted in new country, and I like to keep it updated with the freshest and hottest imaging sound possible. The WIZZFX production team do a fantastic job of providing creative content that both blends with and compliments the new Nashville sound. The service is affordable, customizable, and they’re quick to get me new pieces. Seamless integration with my on-air play-back system. Friendly folks too. Saddle up with WIZZFX and leave your competition in the dust.” - Edwin Brand, MPA, Owner.