Hits Radio Sponsorship Music

  • Chris Nicoll

Money definitely equals cool. Sponsor credits on a radio station needs to sound just as good as the imaging, because it’s an opportunity to lose listeners. That’s where WIZZFX came in. Partnering with Joe and the Hits Radio team, we created and delivered more sponsor credit music. 10 custom tracks featuring bespoke sound design and vocal post production. With names like Chasing You, Cobalt, Culture, Flavor of the Day, Juice, Lost World, North Feel, Tequila, Toronto, Typhoon. And just like our previous delivery, each piece contains creative vocal production designed to be combined, mixed, shifted and edited to fit a variety of sponsor credit and show name lengths. Cool as Joe “When we work with WIZZFX, they deliver. Taking our brief and blowing it out the water with genuinely world-class production and compositions. It compliments our existing station sound in a distinct way without detracting from the brand we’ve been building… can we make more soon please?” Joe Thomas, Head of Production