BBCEarth - The Real Happiness Project

  • Nathalie Gordon

For 10 months (beginning in April 2016) I worked with BBC Earth and Berkley University to scientifically prove that watching Natural History content makes humans feel happier. That sitting on your sofa and watching programmes like Planet Earth is actually good for your health...

“An understanding of the natural world and what’s in it is a source of not only a great curiosity but great fulfilment” — David Attenborough
The research - conducted with Professor Dacher Keltner, an expert in the psychology of emotion at the University of California, Berkeley - conclusively found that watching natural history programming, like Planet Earth II, can lead to a significant increase in positive emotions like awe, wonder and joy and significant decreases in negative emotions like nervousness, anxiety, fear, sadness and depression.
So it's official - watching nature programmes makes you happier. FACT.
There's even a White Paper written all about it.
In response to findings, I worked on creating ‘The Real Happiness Project’ - a BBC Earth initiative that will harness the power of Planet Earth II, promoting positive wellbeing and connection with the natural world through a variety of events, partnerships and new content throughout the year.
A variety of exclusive content has been specifically made that will show people the positive benefits of watching nature content and give ample opportunity to watch and engage with more of it. All content will promoted across all BBC Earth social platforms globally.
Both the research study and ‘The Real Happiness Project’ mark the launch on BBC America of Planet Earth II.
You can find out more about The Real Happiness Project at and see all the work I've created.I've also never been prouder to have been part of a piece of science that will just bring more joy to people all over the world.