Be Awesome in 2017 with the Creative Equals night school

  • Ali Hanan

Our evening workshops for 2017 are now live! We've got some of the best trainers in London scheduled in for next year. Don't miss out, follow the links and book your tickets now!

Jan 25 - Present With Presence - Rebecca MacKenzie, author/coach/ex-planner
Discover the keys of great delivery (voice, pauses, eyes, gesture, posture), how to establish a connection with the audience and strategies for dealing with nerves. Using improvisation and acting techniques, learn how to be more authentic, connected and compelling in front of an audience.

Feb 1 - From Burnout to Badass - Harriet Minter, ex-editor, Guardian, 'Women in Leadership'
Discover how to get on top of your stress and maintain your work-life balance. This workshop helps you build a stress management plan and helps you find tools and techniques to combat stress and use it to your advantage.

Feb 7 - How Brands Talk - Vikki Ross
Join Branding & Tone of Voice specialist, Copywriter and ad industry judge, Vikki Ross, in looking at brands that get their tone of voice right - and those that don't. She'll show you where a brand voice comes from and how to create one yourself, with valuable tips and techniques for developing guidelines for clients and agencies.

Feb 8 - The Art of Resilience - Laura Bartlett
The ability to be strong in the face of adversity and recover quickly, will allow you to better manage difficult situations in the future. Become resilient - and your career will fly. Learn with one of London’s top trainers.

Feb 22 - Imposter Syndrome - Roxanne Hobbs
Do you often feel like you're going to 'get found out' or that you've got to where you are based on 'being in the right place at the right time'? This evening workshop will explore the concept of Imposter Syndrome and how it might be showing up in your professional life.