Be Epic Campaign

  • Harriet Small

In May 2018, Merton Council’s communications team conceived a highly successful internal communications campaign to help the overstretched IT department build staff engagement towards its live, but largely unadopted, IT Password Reset system. Low enrolment levels meant that password resets continued to be one of the top requests to the IT Service Desk, which was already receiving approximately 1800 calls per month. The “Be Epic” campaign transformed staff engagement, accelerating enrolment levels by 214% at no cost. It further freed up valuable IT resource and changed internal perceptions of the powerful impact communication can have upon behavioural change. Evaluation of ‘Be Epic’ Christmas campaign, shows a 580% increase in staff using the self-service portal to reset passwords and unlock accounts compared to the same period in 2018. There was a 65% decline in calls to the IT service desk requesting password resets, 70% of staff are now enrolled.


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