Beats by Dr. Dre Feel the Colour

The Challenge
Who launched headphones brand Beats by Dr. Dre in 2006? Anyone of a certain age would tell you, ‘the rapper, obviously!’. Gen Z? Possible blanks drawn. Without being able to rely on recognition of its iconic figurehead for relevance, the brand was struggling to connect.

Its marketing wasn’t cutting through the noise with an audience driven by authenticity and creativity. Gen Z expect to collaborate with brands they love, and to be valued and listened to – not just be the passive recipients of brand messages. So with its new self-expression-friendly, colourful Powerbeats Pro headphones due for global launch, how could Beats meet this audience on their terms?
The Solution
We created #BeatsDaisyChallenge – Beats’ first-ever campaign on Gen Z’s favourite platform, TikTok, and the first music video to be made using user-generated content. The campaign invited audiences to be part of TikTok superstar Ashnikko’s video for her new single, ‘Daisy’. Over four weeks, they were challenged to create colour-themed TikToks inspired by the new Powerbeats Pro headphones.

Micro and nano influencers from the launch markets (UK, Russia, Germany, France and the US) helped spread the word authentically with their own entries.The hashtag view rate (and the speed it grew) is something to shout about, but even more incredible is that millions of people from this notoriously hard-to-reach audience didn’t just view the content, they actually made content in response. The best of which was selected by Ashnikko to be edited into her music video.
The results

8.1Bn hashtag views in the three weeks

2.2M videos uploaded

946m global engagements in three weeks