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Mobile Application DesignerAddlestone, United Kingdom
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Princy Roy

Mobile Application DesignerAddlestone, United Kingdom
  • Key insights on developing the ultimate e-commerce app for your business.
    Key insights on developing the ultimate e-commerce app for your business.E-commerce businesses have started to take a massive leap towards customers. Launching an e-commerce website has many packed-in benefits. The customer can find your product online and order it in a few taps. With e-commerce websites, you can easily expose your products through various advertising channels and intuitive marketing strategies. Pitch your business services with the ultimate e-commerce app development solutions. This blog will cover the nitty-gritty of e-commerce app development solu
Projects credited in
  • Blink Fitness - Transforming gym membership
    Blink Fitness - Transforming gym membershipChallenge While physical gym locations still serve as the centre of the fitness experience, there is a magnitude of fitness content available online, and all gyms are trying to create their own spin. Blink Fitness wanted to find a unique and own-able way to add value through their digital experience, but how do you break through when everyone is going to the same place?
  • BT Code a Cake
    BT Code a CakeChallenge BT launched their new ‘Beyond Limits’ brand platform at the end of last year, with the ambition of reflecting the changing nature of BT and helping consumers once again recognise the brand as a fundamental part of the fabric of the nation. One of the initiatives of this new positioning is BT’s commitment to teach digital skills to 10 million people through its ‘Skills for Tomorrow’ programme. Our brief was to bring to life BT’s commitment through a digital experience, which would bot
  • Booking Dot Ommm
    Booking Dot OmmmChallenge Throughout 2016, created content closely tied to data-informed travel themes, from Oktoberfest in October, to romantic city breaks in November. Data revealed that in December / January travellers plan ahead and consider using a holiday to bring balance to their lives. But how do we cut through the chaos of Christmas and lull of the new year to drive people to Consumer data revealed that almost half of global travellers (48%) see going on holiday as a moment to
  • Are you born a lover or a hater? Find out with Marmite TasteFace
    Are you born a lover or a hater? Find out with Marmite TasteFace Marmite, Unilever’s famous spread, has launched a new digital experience that analyses your emotions whilst you taste Marmite, to discover, in real-time, whether you are likely to be born a lover or a hater. The technology has been developed by digital creative agency AnalogFolk.
  • 3 Hour in Paris - Booking.Com
    3 Hour in Paris - Booking.ComAs part of a wider Facebook campaign, this video was all about inspiring the audience to walk off the beaten path and show how much you could do in a beautiful vibrant city in short amounts of time. Produced & Creative by Analogue Folk Directed & Edited by Jack Burke
  • Beats by Dr. Dre Feel the Colour
    Beats by Dr. Dre Feel the ColourThe Challenge Who launched headphones brand Beats by Dr. Dre in 2006? Anyone of a certain age would tell you, ‘the rapper, obviously!’. Gen Z? Possible blanks drawn. Without being able to rely on recognition of its iconic figurehead for relevance, the brand was struggling to connect. Its marketing wasn’t cutting through the noise with an audience driven by authenticity and creativity. Gen Z expect to collaborate with brands they love, and to be valued and listened to – not just be the passive
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