Blink Fitness - Transforming gym membership


While physical gym locations still serve as the centre of the fitness experience, there is a magnitude of fitness content available online, and all gyms are trying to create their own spin. Blink Fitness wanted to find a unique and own-able way to add value through their digital experience, but how do you break through when everyone is going to the same place?


Rather than just adding to an ever-growing pile of fitness content, we created a new approach to membership that combines access to Blink Fitness locations with a platform of bundled best-in-class existing services and content that gives our members multiple ways to manage their wellness.
Our audience didn’t need new content from their gym, they needed advice and help on how to connect it all and make it work for them.


The new Blink experience is a personalised bundle with a swappable bank of services, subscriptions, partnerships and products, for each Blink member to manage their health and wellness portfolio. Blink now helps them:
Workout better:
By letting members access a gym, workout tips, digital classes, and more.
Eat better:
By providing nutrition recommendations, recipes, and food delivery.
Recharge better:
By addressing sleep, stretching, mediation, and other ways to sharpen the body and mind.


Jan 2019: (Phase 1)
Launched successfully and is outperforming download expectations.
August 2019: (Phase 2)
V2 of the app includes a broader connected digital ecosystem, including frictionless check-in and digitally enabled equipment in gyms.