BEERS London: 75 Works on Paper (2017)

  • Rebecca Smith

Exhibition Manager and Assistant Curator of annual work on paper exhibition featuring over 50 artists. BEERS London presents its second (annual) Work on Paper exhibit. The exhibition combines the work of over 50 artists working internationally, including both emerging and mid-career artists who were each asked to contribute as few as one (and as many as four) A4 works on paper. Any other overarching theme or concept was avoided to allow for a show that celebrates each artist's unique perspective in its most basic iteration. All works were either created specifically for this exhibition or culled from the artist's personal archive, and the result is an exciting culmination of works across any number of media, technical approaches, or conceptual backgrounds. What one sees viewing the art is the wonderfully diverse (and in often, quite related) themes and imagery, which include figurative, abstract, or text-based work, but also includes collage, preliminary sketches, and even sculptural or conceptual art that breaks from what we might expect. Participating Artists: William Bradley | Jonathan Chapline | Jonni Cheatwood | Pat Cleveland | Miles Debas | Kim Dorland James Drinkwater | Jonathan Edelhuber | Nick Flatt (w. Paul Punk) | Robert Fry | Lenz Geerk | Ina Gerken Robert Hardgrave | Clinton Hayden | Aly Helyer | Damien Hoar de Galvan | Gregory Hodge | Anna Ilsley Thomas Iser | Joshua Jefferson | Daniel Jensen | Erik Jones | Jordy Kerwick | Sandro Kopp | William Lachance Adam Lee | Dane Lovett | Leif Low Beer | Jessie Makinson | Kathryn Maple | Peter Matthews | Matt Maust Laith McGregor | Holly Mills | Igor Moritz | Benjamin Murphy | Mark Mullin | Dominic Musa | Dominic Myatt Daniel Noonan | Erik Olson | Danielle Orchard | Naudline Pierre | Mateusz Piestrak | Henrik Placht Michael Reeder | Barry Reigate | Zach Reini | Nathan Ritterpusch | Giuliano Sale | Andrew Salgado Mason Saltarrelli | David Shillinglaw | Antonia Showering | Matthew David Smith | Pablo Tomek Thom Trojanowski | Hobson Camille Walala | Taylor A White