Belfast Design Week Live Mural

  • Alana McDowell

AS PART OF BELFAST DESIGN WEEK, I WAS COMMISSIONED TO DO A LIVE PAINTING, AS PART OF A SERIES OF ART EXHIBITIONS IN THE CITY CENTRE. This year seen BDW take a different format, partnering with a series of independently owned spaces in the centre of town, to promote both the businesses and creativity in the city centre. Despite the recent chaos with COVID, Belfast City in recent years has become a real hub of activity and happenings. In this piece I wanted to celebrate the dynamic centre of the city by hero-ing some of Belfast's favourite icons. The Titanic Museum, one of the famous H&W Cranes, Nuala with the Hula and the Albert Clock surround a bold, central type that merges together with the renowned 'Spirit of Belfast' sculpture, that lives just around the corner from where this piece was painted.