Betazone: Stories Made Visual

Betazones are immersive talks where researchers, academics, designers and explorers share their story and visions for the future, brought to life on a huge LED screen. The talks are part of the official programme of the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meetings in Davos, Switzerland. The 2018 edition featured: Steven Pinker, Yuval Harari, Christine Lagarde, Trevor Paglen, Linda Spilker, Mary Flanagan and Paula Kahumbu.

I help speakers develop the storyline for their talks and design visuals for their presentations as well as animated backdrops. I also art direct other designers and coordinate the work of technical staff on-site to ensure the sessions run smoothly. In addition, I run storytelling workshops within the organization to help colleagues brief speakers and moderators in the run-up to the events.
Trevor Paglen, "Invisible Images of Surveillance" | 2018 Annual Meeting, Davos
From facial recognition software to self-driving cars and social media, surveillance spreads its tentacles everywhere. How do we see the world around us? How are we seen, whether we know it or not? 
Mary Flanagan, "Playing Games for Good" | 2018 Annual Meeting, Davos
What if playing games could help tackle global issues from climate change to violence by changing our behaviour?
Steven Pinker, "Standing Up for the Enlightenment" | 2018 Annual Meeting, Davos
The world is doomed. Or so it seems what with terrorism, fake news, double-dip recessions, immigration crises and political instability. Is it really all doom and gloom or is there more to this story? Contrary to popular belief, Steven Pinker argues the human species has never had it so good.
Linda Spilker, "Postcards from Saturn" | 2018 Annual Meeting, Davos
The NASA Cassini mission to Saturn has brought the solar system closer to humankind. Discover Saturn through never-before-seen footage courtesy of NASA.
Chen Man & Wanuri Kahiu, “Next-Generation Storytellers" | 2018 Annual Meeting, Davos
From Afrofuturism to a reinvention of Chinese popular culture, storytelling is transforming how people in the West see the rest of the world. Join a visual journey into the future of storytelling with Chinese photographer Chen Man and Kenyan filmmaker Wanuri Kahiu.
Yuval Harari, "Will the Future Be Human?" | 2018 Annual Meeting, Davos
We are the first generation of humans capable of engineering new life forms. The infotech and biotech revolutions have given us incredible hacking powers. How will life evolve? What will future forms of life look like? And what are the political changes that will result from this disruption? Is democracy a thing of the past, bound to be replaced by digital dictatorship? Will our future be ours?
Paula Kahumbu, "Hope for Elephants" | 2018 Annual Meeting, Davos
Elephants are known for their intelligence and social nature – but tens of thousands are killed each year for their tusks. National Geographic Explorer Paula Kahumbu shows how everyone – from individuals to governments – can do their part to save these amazing animals from extinction.​​​​​​​

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Arturo Rago

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Arturo Rago
Visual Communications Designer