Betfair - Win More

  • Ciaran O Connor
Part of a massive ad campaign of craziness I worked on back in autumn 2012. Despite the many late nights, stupidly early mornings and some nightmarish match-moving, it turned out looking rad, yay... What I did: Camera tracking, animation, compositing, design. I was on-site for at the shoot on the day, taking reference photos, measuring distances from lights to the subject, the height of the tables, etc. to help get an accurate lighting set-up later on in post. How I did it: I had been keen to work on a camera tracking/matchmoving project like this for a while, so I was stoked when Skinflicks came to me to help out and get it all done. Camera tracking was done with Syntheyes, 3D design with Cinema 4D and compositing, spit & polish done with AE. Needless to say, this entire project, which also included a series of 4 print posters and a digital poster for use on screens in various salubrious & snazzy locales, took a lot of time to get right and was by no means easy. Saying that, in doing so, I picked up a wealth of new tricks and workflows, which is always a good thing. Dir: Dan Henshaw Prod: Chris Massey Prod Co: Skin Flicks DoP: Brian Fawcett Editor: Ryan Boucher 3D Artist: Ciaran O'Connor Sound Design: Saul Richards Colorist: Luke Morrison @ The Mill