BetMonkey 'A Complete Casino Brand from Strategy to Production'

  • Mark Griffiths

BetMonkey, an online Casino briefed me to consult with them on the entire brand directly with client. From initial strategy we needed a point of difference so I suggested 'A casino with a conscience'. They also needed stand out in a cluttered marketplace so to bring that strategy to life a brand personality was developed: 'Chadwell' the monkey, whose role was to impart 'Bet Wisdom' to the audience in a comedic and memorable way, but also who encouraged better betting and more importantly knowing when to play and when to stop. His catchphrase: "I'll bet you a monkey you'll bet better on BetMonkey" actually gave the audience on joining a 'monkey' (£500 if you speak 'Cockney') to play with for free. The wisdom was backed up in the 'Book of how to Bet Better' A curation of wisdom and strategy and an online community of journalists, sporting professionals and professional gamblers whose job it was to advice on form, stats and expertise but never, ever 'tip'. A series of films were created that tapped into different gambling genres; Casino, Football, Boxing, Poker and mobile betting. Unfortunately early after launch it transpired the 3rd party offshore gaming company was operating illegally and the entire project had to pulled and the monkey got away.