Between Smoke and Summer -Boys by Girls Magazine - Directed and Edited by JDS

  • Jade Danielle Smith
  • Cecilie Harris
  • Derek Teague
  • Gary Evans

Director and Editor JADE DANIELLE SMITH Producer CECILIE HARRIS Cinematographer MATT THOMAS Fashion NATHAN HENRY Narration adaption CECILIE HARRIS Grooming MASAYOSHI N FUJITA Fashion Assistant EMILY TOLLNER Below Intro HEDVIG WERNER Starring DENON, MACKENZIE STAINES, MARTINS GAILISS at PRM Models In the second chapter of Jade Danielle Smith's exploration into the young minds of Denon, Martins, and Mackenzie - Jade and the boys tackle the inevitable question haunting mid-teens: "Am I happy?". In the form of an exclusive Boys by Girls short film, Between Smoke and Summer follows the boys, offering glimpses into their worlds, homes, and mindsets. BBG digital fashion editor, Nathan Henry, decorates the boys in SS19 relaxed fits - with focus on the English lad. In the search for happiness, it's inevitable to encounter the other side of the spectrum: melancholia, anger, frustration, numbness, complacency... A prerequisite to finding happiness is perhaps being stuck in the middle. Left feeling that you're somewhere in-between - and not yet quite settled on which road to choose. On the journey to find meaning, perhaps you start questioning what your path is, where happiness lies - without getting any closer to solving the middle riddle. You watch as confusion triumphs, somewhere between alone and together. Friendship binds it all and makes the unexplainable wear a more familiar costume. Camaraderie is a safe haven; a supportive fellowship of the like-minded that turns a blind eye to the past. Denon, Martins, and Mackenzie find solace and comfort in each other. Some days, happiness is simply being together with no particular purpose. Charged with the comforts of friendship, the fog that clouds adolescence may slowly begin to lift.