Beyond Sonder

  • Janine Stromberg

Beyond Sonder is a consultancy that supports start-ups and content creators with commercial strategy through coaching and mentoring. Visualising the concept of 'sonder' (the realisation that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own) was an integral part of the brief. This was achieved by using a combination of overlapping shapes, both organic and geometric to signify how individuals are living shared, yet separate experiences. Triangles provide a solid structure, conjuring the idea of support while organic shapes, which appear to burst from the geometric containers, convey a non-rigid personality and creativity.  Soft pastel pinks were chosen to emphasise the positive and approachable nature of the brand, while the green was selected to illustrate fresh thinking. As this consultancy would mostly be promoted on Instagram, an asset library of icons, images and content templates were created, along with a brand book, so that my client had the tools to create her own branded content as needed.