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  • Harry Thory
  • Kael Onion Oakley
  • Lev Alexander

Developing a brand identity to be proud of

Our brand refresh was created with flexibility in mind, we created a brand that can be dynamically used across lots of different situations and can be developed and built upon.

We already had some strong brand elements in place with our logo and gradients as well as the use of blocking 'tape' behind text. (Original logo created by Elliot)

In order to develop the brand we questioned and audited our social and external branding so far and isolated key brand elements that could be used as hero graphics that were closely tied to the brand. We also thought to the future to ensure we have a brand that can develop over time whilst keeping its core principles.

Our original guidelines made great use of Bisexual and Pansexual pride flag gradients, which has become a key siginfier of our brand. We also have been using a blocking tape graphic behind text to pull out key messages.

The use of dots and frames had crept into our branding when it became clear we needed to be more expressive, particularly with social posts and engaging OOH graphics. We now have a system in place to use these elements sparingly, when it is the correct occasion and when they dont interfere with the key message.

Our brand is driven by social engagement, we built a set of icons that can easily be expanded to have ownership over all our graphics - no emojis here! We can then use these icons to compliment messaging on social media, for example in job listings.

Our first event took place in September 2019, we wanted to shout about all our great acts so we created a festival style poster to show off all our wonderful acts.

Our 'I Am Proud' stage at Bi Pride 2019 was built to amplify voices and have meaningful discussion around the Bi experience. We asked our wonderful social media followers to submit some messages about why they are proud, their reponses were played on stage between acts at our event.

Our social posts use elements from our identity that are most appropriate for the situation, each social campaign has a new set of templates unique to the theme. Social media is the driving force behind Bi Pride UK, we needed brand elements and graphics that were flexible and fun, we wanted a brand that could evolve with us and never feel stale.

It was important to us to have merchandise that was accessible to as many people as possible, we created designs that could be for people that wanted to wear something with pride, to carry Bi Pride with them every day - not just pride season.

At our event we had items for sale from t-shirts to totes and stickers to badges in order to be able to accomodate different budgets.



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