Big Bang Data - Somerset House exhibition

A collaborative group project between the 7 of us, with the purpose of showing the ever-growing surge of security cameras and CCTV around London. Using infographics, illustrations, typography and graphic design to demonstrate the high CCTV usage in this city and how the public feel about their every movement being monitored. Is this a positive or negative implication on your everyday life? 'This January Somerset House challenged Ravensbourne Foundation Course with a live brief. The art and design students were asked to present ideas for an informative and interactive installation which they’d like to see take shape as part of, and in response to, Big Bang Data. The winning proposal ‘Did You Know’ offered eight enthusiastic graphic students the chance to take residency in the Data Studio on the week of 18th January. During this time the group researched and developed their ideas further, before making preparations for their installation piece.' ‘As we face a future lived in the cloud, this exhibition should help us to understand what that brave new world will look like.’ – Timeout