BIG BANK THEORY: Raiffeisen Bank x Mastercard. A Conference in theory, party in practice.

  • Ksenia Khoshtariya
  • Alex Bardhoshi

For Raiffeisenbank x Mastercard client event we got inspired by the Big Bang Theory and played a little bit with it. As a result, we came up with the idea of showing what banking of the future looks like, and, it's definitely what Raiffeisen Bank x Mastercard represents: innovation, capturing technology, and the best client service. So, we thought, it would be cool to put a little bit of fun into theory - a one-off event that invites the clients to have fun and get to know the trends in business by listening to a masterclass by Gold Cannes Lions winner - Nick Khlopov. That's for theory. For fun - Ivan Usovich - a rising stand-up comedian, who will get any party going with his wittiness.