BIMA launches Business Support Programmes

BIMA, the voice of digital and tech in the UK, is supporting businesses struggling as a result of the pandemic. Coronavirus has affected us all. But the financial pain is most acute among our smaller members. Many of them don’t qualify for government help. Many of those that do are still fearful about their future. BIMA wants to help.

Whilst none of us have experience of working through a pandemic, many of our most successful leaders do know what it’s like to steer an organisation through times of crisis.
The BIMA Coronavirus Business Support Programme is working to pair the industry’s most successful leaders with leaders of smaller companies eager for knowledgeable support and advice to help them weather the current storm.

We want to give up to 100 mentees the opportunity to work with industry leaders who can help support you and your company through the pandemic. To qualify, mentees must:
  • Be a BIMA member
  • Have 100 staff or fewer
  • Need support

This is a 3 month programme, which is due to start April 20th. We will require your commitment for a 1 hour session every 2 weeks. The programme also includes dedicated expert advice from experts in law, finance and business coaching.
To apply for help, please complete the form here

Already, some of the industry’s most influential figures have pledged their support, but we need more. If you are:
  • A digital/tech CEO or non-exec
  • A BIMA Hall of Fame member
  • A BIMA 100 alumnus
  • A BIMA council chair or member; or
  • A past BIMA mentor…
…you can offer your services here

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