Black Girls Mater Talks Series: Exploring Creativity & Freedom of Freelance

  • Debora Tonet
  • Rhona Ezuma
  • Mata Mariélle

Black Girls Master Talk is a series of immersive experiences for courageous and ambitious women to network, connect, and join in on empowering discussions. ⁠ In March2020, I created the anticipated follow up to the wildly successful first launch in our Social media Live discussion we explored the many avenues of freelance as a creative — by discussing the paths of successful and inspirational women, who are driven to reimagine their careers by disrupting their industries and breaking free from the linea moulds — within Fashion, Beauty and Public Relations. ⁠ But this event was so much more than hearing the stories of creative trailblazers. We delved deep on the subjects young creatives truly care about with a panel and conversations designed to instil you with confidence to advance in your careers, inspire you to embrace the path of freelancing and encourage you to create authentically. ⁠