Side Hustle/ Oil Painting


  • Sara Twomey

The Black Paintings are an attempt to capture light in its most physical sense. The light in the room is central to the painting, it is very much part of the painting. Because of this the painting is never the same, it is always changing as the light changes. My aim was to paint the darkest blacks and the lightest blacks and every shade and depth in-between and put them all on one canvas. Also the emphasis is on the physicality ranges of the paint, from all of its permanence and its thick black oily surface, through all of its opaqueness and transparent surface. This is the basis of a language that I use to paint in. The brushstroke is captured in its most basic honest way, mistakes are set in paint, they are evidently flawed, just like I am. now the colour Black is teaching me all about light. I use the black paint surface as a kind of light surface, a light catcher. The darkest shiniest black paint, captures the brightest light.