Blank Walls UK Launch

  • Alex Harvey

Following on from a successful launch in Perth in January 2019, we wanted to bring a similar event format to London representing our UK based artists for a day of urban art, music, food and more. The ambition was to create a street art exhibition that no one had ever been to before; an immersive and interactive experience that got people moving, talking and enjoying themselves. It's fair to say we succeeded; of all the 7 sponsors all of them want to work with us again having praised the professional output of the event while exceeding expectations from the sponsorship agreement. The event required a considerable amount of marketing and creative strategy which I led on. Ahead of the UK launch to create a buzz around Shoreditch/Bethnal Green where we were holding the event, we initiated a series of murals to be painted in the area with an environmental impact theme coinciding with our ethos of using art to make a positive difference. We painted 6 murals by 8 artists, filming all of them and creating content which were released as teasers followed by the full version prior to the event. The strategy helped us gain an additional 600+ London based followers on Instagram alone in the 2 weeks before the event and undeniably contributed to a large percentage of ticket confirmations/attendees. Bringing in over 1100 attendees, we are proud to say we've created an event format that is growing in popularity with guests telling us again it was the best art event they've ever been to.