Blenheim Chalcot: Senior leaders need to move the dial on diversity (Blog Post)

  • Caroline Roseberry Koktvedgaard

Blenheim Chalcot is the UK's leading tech venture builder. It has portfolio sales of over £300m, more than 3,000 employees worldwide, and a successful track record of over 40 companies. As a Content Manager for Blenheim Chalcot, I created a wide range of digital content, including thought pieces, blog posts, newsletters, and white papers. I also created an overall content strategy for Blenheim Chalcot, as well as owning the commissioning process between the Content Team, and Blenheim Chalcot's portfolio businesses. This article was written as a product of a series of interviews with Kate Newhouse, Blenheim Chalcot's CEO. You can read the full blog post here: