Blog article for corporate customers of talkSpirit - Enterprise Social Network platform

  • Patricia Philbin

talkSpirit is based in France and has developed an ESN (similar to Slack) for the European market.

The power of asking a good question
Scott is the CTO of a mid-sized manufacturing company and relies on his enterprise social networking platform to communicate with employees across multiple locations and geographic regions. He’d noticed that participation seemed to go in spurts – there would be some active discussion, then the dialogue peaked and died out. There was a core group of active participants but Scott felt there was also a large silent majority of watchers.
He would occasionally try to jumpstart discussions and there was a dedicated team member who regularly posted comments and nurtured topics. But the erratic ‘rollercoaster’ pattern of communication continued. It bothered Scott because he had high hopes that the internal networking platform would boost a productive exchange of ideas and also deliver a return on investment.

Then Scott decided to approach engagement from another angle...