Blome Cosmetics

  • Alex Tolman
  • George Harris
  • Precious Richards

For my final major project I created Blome Cosmetics, believed to be the first fully sustainable, plantable beauty brand. Blome’s Mission: to reduce packaging waste in a unique way that engages consumers in sustainable behaviour. In 2018 120 billion units of plastic waste was produced by the cosmetic industry. Blome hopes to achieve a positive change in consumer recycling behaviour, offering fun and creative ways they can give back to the environment within a busy lifestyle. Blome Cosmetics uses seeded paper, vegetable inks and sustainable adhesives for wrap around labels that are plantable and grow into flowers. The gold tins are reusable and can be refilled with Blome products. Idea of creating Blome for my final project is to reduce packaging waste and encourage consumers to actively promote sustainability awareness through planting seeded paper. By creating Blome I wanted to create awareness of sustainable products help introduce colourful sustainability into everyday life.