Blue Cross Christmas

  • Dan Ridge

A campaign for Blue Cross that gave something more than a material gifts to help maximise their fundraising over the festive period,.. What if we harnessed this desire and swapped gifts for ‘moments’? We developed a flexible messaging system to give moments that dealt with joyful occasions as well as the serious matters. The campaign messaging and identity was then used by other agencies to deliver a range of activities.

Further to this we also saw the opportunity to build on the success of this campaign activation by harnessing the potential of innovative fundraising methods. Using countertop contactless donation devices, we asked audiences to donate to give a ‘Christmas dinner moment’.

We connected the devices with footage of pets; firstly looking eagerly at the potential donor, next enjoying a meal after the donation has taken place. By doing this we would be able to give thanks to audiences in a more rewarding way, showing them the joyful moment they are giving to a pet. This was the first time video had been paired with these type of devices.

The idea is that these kinds of interactions are essential in order to capture the imagination of donors and drive engagement around contactless technology. Simply buying the technology isn’t always enough to get donors using them.
Finally we then created a a digital application to give users the opportunity to share their messages with their loved ones, uploading pictures of their pets to our gallery.