• Sasha Kluvitse
  • Jodie Nicholson
  • Mickey Portlock
  • James Massiah
As LOW HEAT continues to become a force in local underground scenes, Boiler Room launched it's own mirosite for artists and audience alike to relive the best moments.
The microsite features visual and audio sets, photos, short films and artitst profiles across LOW HEAT's three seasons in London and International off-season events.
An interactive landing page which allows infinite scroll in all directions; offering full exploration into the realm of LOW HEAT.
Each image or video comes alive once activated by the cursor. Once clicked, each links to the source material as well as desigated playlists for each artist, event or season.
RSVP functionality is also embedded into the landing page for upcoming events.

Project Manager - Sasha Kluvitse
Creative - James Massiah

Art Direction - Josh Wiley
Design - Cecilia Serafini

Product Manager - George Rylance
Software Engineer - Sean Blundell

Online Content Editor - Tony McParland
Online Content Assistant - Mickey Portlock

Editor - Jules Daniel
Editor - AyChibs