Bold Soul

  • Lucianne Soley

Unique business consultancy, yoga and psychotherapy. SERVICES Branding Consultancy Kara, the founder of Bold Soul, realised she required a unique identity that encompassed three distinct areas of her business: consultancy, yoga and psychotherapy. When she reached out to us, we suggested one of our brand packages with some bespoke elements, like sub-brand marks in addition to a group-level logo suite. As Kara is Maori, the brand needed to be influenced by cultural symbols and meaning without being cliché. Inspired by the Pikorua’s twisted shape and meaning of ‘the journey of life’ we developed a logomark that also nodded to the human form, the idea of a ‘bold soul’ and the idea of connection through its infinite shape. We also developed a presentation template for Kara to use for all areas of her business, primarily focusing on the business consultancy, allowing her to showcase her work in a way that added to her brand’s equity.