Boned, Rolled & Tied - A Modern Reimagining of a Butchers

  • Ysobel Kellett
In this project I had to pick a dying profession and try and reimagine it for the modern world. The main deliverable had to be the design guidelines for the brand.
I chose to design a butchers that was mainly digital. The customer could access it through an app and order products to be delivered to their door. There would be a physical store where the meat is prepared and customers can come in to pick up the products or talk to the butchers. 
The USP of the butchers is that it teaches the customers about where the cuts of meat come from and how to prepare and cook them. The reason it does this is to help people to be more efficient with their usage of meat and not let any go to waste.
Boned, Rolled & Tied is the process of preparing meat. I chose the name because it showed the butchers share expert knowledge with the customers and from just hearing the name they have already learnt the basic steps of preparing meat.

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