Bonobos: America's Fit Story

  • Evan Brown
  • Ozodi Onyeabor

Bonobo's is a men's fashion brand. This campaign wanted to get to the heart of what it means for a man to fit in America. Not just fit in clothes. This is the fourth of many docu-style anthem executions I've done for various brands including Apple and Mazda. If you ever get a brief to create something like this and are at a loss on how to begin, here are some tips: Write out the best anthem/manifesto you can...just in case you can't make an organic manifesto from your interviews. If nothing else it will help you ask the right questions to get to something good. Write more questions than you’ll think you need for the interview sessions. .At the same time, don’t be so beholden to the questions. Let the subject talk and steer them with prompts when needed. Don’t step on the person’s answers. Invariably, they’ll say some gold while you’re saying “uh-huh, right, interesting.” This is harder to do than it sounds. Treat it like a one-sided conversation. Beg your agency (if you have to) to pay for a transcription service, so you can read while you listen back to the answers. It will make this so much easier. But always listen to the VO's as well. What looks good on paper might not work as a voice over if the inflection is off.


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