Booking Bake Off

The starting point has been, as the name itself suggests, the famous English programme The Bake Off. I managed a team of 10 people for the event and we recruited the bakers, created the profile of the bakers, advertised the event through the office using different channel such as Facebook at work, emails, videos to promote the event that saw the collaboration of our site leader too; flyers to spread through the office created gathering our ideas together. The money raised has been donated to the Great Ormond Children Hospital and prior to the advertisement of the event, I contacted the Fundraising Team and organised the collaboration between them and our office. On the day of the event, with my close collaborator we set up the room for the day with banners and decorations sent us from the company and on the day of the event never miss the change to take video and pictures to post on our workplace and sent to the Charity.