Bootcamp presented by the University of Bath Kickboxing Club

  • Emma Olofsson

Bootcamp is an all-encompassing training weekend that pushes Bath University kickboxing members to their limits, testing different martial arts, taking part in enduring activities and celebrating together on a night out. Part of the event is subsidised by the club, the remainder is covered by the event ticket price. Venues: The martial arts events take place in the University Dojo, Sports Hall or outdoors, and all external activities take place at the venue of the chosen activity. Participants attending range from 16-30 people. Features: Six hours of martial arts training from top coaches split into three sessions across the weekend, an intensive group-bonding activity with paintballing and paddle boarding been done in the past, group transportation to the activity venue and back, a group meal, VIP room at one of Bath’s finest clubs Second Bridge and goodie bags containing health drinks, bars and discount codes sponsored by numerous companies. Learning experiences: - Ensure all external coaches are approved by the Student’s Union to be able to enter the University Training Village - Be aware of protocols in case of an injury in the sports facilities - Source bags for the goodies that are provided from sponsors Changes for second event: - All approvals and paperwork completed 2 weeks in advance of the event - Contributed from abroad so required more delegation to committee members Learning experience: - Where possible, book provisionally on the basis that the event has enough interest - Advertise the event earlier so individuals can plan accordingly - Do no plan two events from the club on the same week Reference: "Emma has been a active member of the Kickboxing committee and has taken on the role in a good professional manner. With her role towards events Emma has work efficiently and ensured communication with the committee and Students’ Union was both relevant and timely. Emma delivers good management support and guidance and engages well with others. Emma was very proactive with next steps and worked hard to ensure student members received the best possible experience when attending events." - Polly Hawker, Head of Activities, University of Bath Student's Union. Date: April 2018 and October 2018

Venue for indoor sessions

Mixed martial arts session

Organised paintball session

Organised paddle boarding session

Group meal at Absurd Bird

Goodie bags from sponsors