Bootlegging Blasphemy

  • Jethro Nepomuceno

This came about with the then-recent news about Warren Lotas being sued for creating his own interpretation of the Icon Nike Dunk Low sneaker. Whether you agree with Nike or not, I do believe that creatives should not be afraid to make their own version of a sneaker and should not be sued for so much. That is why this project came about! I wanted to create my own sneaker based on the Dunk Low and let others basically bootleg my bootleg sneaker. After learning about the origins of Bootlegging especially with Ari Saal and his interpretation of the Nike AF1s I basically decided to dedicate 5 personal sneakers that represented the research that I found. This project is close to me since I do love sneaker culture, and I would love to create my own sneakers, whether it be bootleg or not!