Boots - The Gender Sleep Gap

  • Georgia Weiner
  • Manish Patras

Challenge: Woman are sleeping less than their male counterparts and its affecting both their mental and physical health. Boot’s is aiming to help women sleep better. Ensure Boots is known for what it started out as, a brand for health. Insights: Sleep is a topic that has massive interest but is only ever talked about as a science or dumbed down to ‘tips n tricks’. It’s not seen as important. The gender sleep gap is a real problem women in the UK face, with women sleeping three hours less than her partner every night. Woman feel guilty neglecting other’s needs, when in reality they consistently neglect their own. Target Audience: Researching how the common denominator between female dominated industries, and most sleep deprived industry, is healthcare. Big Idea: Caring for the carers. How does it work? Boots will look after NHS nurses, who are over 90% female, to aim to encourage them to invest in their sleep more. Targeting nurses means targeting a large predominately female group who lack sleep repeatedly. Being a nurse means putting others needs before their own, this means a lot of nurses are unable to wind down properly, therefore being hugely sleep deprived. As well as this, nurses are arguably one of the most stressed, over worked, and neglected people in the UK. These women see intense and traumatic occurrence’s adding to sleep deprivation.

To launch the campaign we will target the nurses of tomorrow, student nurses. We will propose to bring new legislation
to government to make self care and sleep a mandatory part of their course. The training will teach nurses how to look after themselves before they graduate, ensuring they prioritise their self care and sleep.
Nurses 'get away', to continue targeting the nurses of the future.
We wanted the next stage for our campaign to help the nurses of today rest and make sure they are sleeping as much as they deserve to.
 We want to empower nurses, and show that self care isn’t selfish. Making sure they relax, let go of worries, and therefore sleep better. This would start with Boots helping nurses relax on shift, so they can fully wind down and sleep well after their shift. Previously, break rooms where nurses are expected to unwind are cold, uncomfortable and a bit grim. We plan to change that with new features listed and shown above, including Boots range of sleeping and relaxation products.
We found through research that after long shifts, the journey home is often stressful, which is then taken into their homes. Nurses also have to pay over twenty pounds each day just to park in the hospital carpark, so often do get public transport.
Boots will launch the nurse night bus. This would run both day and night directly from hospital, taking nurses all the way home after their long shifts. The journey will now make it able for nurses to relax and unwind as soon as they finish their shift, allowing them to sleep as soon as they reach home. Boots will take nurses straight to bed. This will also show consumers how dedicated Boots is to helping women, and nurses, sleep better.
The back of the Boots night bus. The nurse night bus would run outside hospitals all over the UK, and drop nurses directly to their doors. The bus would have comfy chairs, dim / warm lighting, essential oils, Boots range of sleeping products, and ear phones with audio; guided meditations, podcasts and audio books, along with information on the gender sleep gap.
The Boots sleep calendar would make it possible for nurses to record whether they have slept well or not the previous night. At the end of the month you would be able to review your sleeping routine. This makes it impossible to ignore whether you need more sleep or not. Each door has a mini Boots sleeping product in, along with a positive sleep affirmation or sleeping technique. Nurses will be given a free sleep calendar on their first ride of the sleep bus. This will encourage them to keep on top of their sleep. These calendars would also be available to purchase to the public.
As part of our campaign we would also launch the sleep bus for a wider, less specific audience, to get more knowledge around the topic and campaign Boots are doing. The bus would be placed in city centres, and encourage passers-by to come and out more. Upstairs of the bus would be an experiential information hub, with lea etc, Audio on the Gender sleep gap, comfy chairs.
The campaign would also create a night mode on the Boots website. Screens such as computers and phone inhibit the body’s ability to relax and fall asleep. From this, we decided to make the Boots website unavailable at night. We would also create an additional page on the website called ‘The Gender sleep gap”. This page would tell users all about the campaign for nurses, information on the Gender sleep gap, show them products that help sleep, and techniques that help relax and promote sleep.