Brand Futures: Amazon x Climate Change

  • Christy Luk

In this project, I am working on Amazon pairing with a political issue, climate change. The concept is to link with Amazon the rainforest, focussing on the deforestation problem happening in the Amazon. In terms of solving the paper waste issue, causing trees being cut down, I am proposing to create a new range of #packagingfree products in order to reduce the amount of cardboard and paper waste. Moreover, every purchase will include a £1 tree fee to donate to the OneTreePlanted organisation where they will be planting trees in Amazon. Meanwhile, the UK will be having over 40 local Amazon depots in the central and outskirt London, whereas the largest depot building on Bond Street. London Amazonians would have pick up there purchase in their local depot instead of the good delivering at door. By walking to the depot, people would benefit to their health and they can enjoy the green, relaxing environment in the depot with plants and trees. For the depot building on Bond Street, three floors are presented where cafe and a rooftop garden are included.