Brand messaging for CandidateX

  • Fraser Coupland

CandidateX is giving hiring a good name. This innovative recruitment platform was founded on a worthy principle - to offer talent an equal opportunity. The software anonymises applicant CVs, connecting businesses with talent in a way that offers a level playing field for all. Ahead of the platform's launch in 2023, we were tasked with helping to develop the brand messaging and help CandidateX communicate itself to market. This is one of those projects you feel proud to work on. The founders of CandidateX - Jon, Man, and Sunil - are understandably passionate about their cause, and that's what we wanted to harness. Working closely alongside them, I wrote the key brand messages, the story, and helped prepare a 'partner toolkit' which would allow them to reach out to businesses with a 'why work with us' angle. Brand messaging has to be rooted in truth, or it can come across as contrite. These messages were driven by the personal experiences of the founders. Each one spoke to equal opportunity for all - a call to the industry for change.