Brand Opus: Chrysalis Awards - Brief Submission

  • Niall Martin

Brief: Create a drinks brand that has a functional benefit beyond the primary purpose of refreshment. Solution: Muju - An energy drink, branded to help combat creative block. Creative block is a problem that everyone, not just creatives, comes across from time to time. Not only is it frustrating, there is no one-way to overcome it either. Everyone who suffers from it has their own way of dealing with it, whether it’s through eating lots of sugary foods, going for a run, or just procrastinating until the fog lifts. I wanted to create a brand surrounded around tackling creative block in everyone, as it is something I, as a creative, and all my peers around me suffer from a lot of the time. Utilising more than just the packaging and linking the brand to a website to assist in the process is key. Creative block affects all of us, effectively making us “lose our mojo”. But instead of an impenetrable blockade, it should be an obstacle we all have the ability to break down. Muju wants to be a source of inspiration to all, so everyone can get their mojo back. Muju, a combination of the words “Muse” and “Juice”, is aimed towards a target demographic of 18 years old and upwards, as these are the ages people start heading to university, getting internships or beginning their career, and need a boost of energy, motivation and inspiration. Outcomes: - 3D Renders of Bottle Design Concepts - 3D Renders of Brand Merchandise Concepts - Mobile App Concept - Promotional Material