• Sana Sorzhulenko

25% of breast cancer cases are diagnosed too late, primarily because women are afraid to visit breast physician when they feel something is wrong. To help women overcome that fear we created a BRAve campaign for Avon Ukraine. Avon partnered with a lingerie brand Anabel Arto to launch a 'brave relay' of women encouraging each other to get check-up at the very moment they think about breasts—while buying a bra. A special lingerie collection—BRAve—was sewed by seamstresses who got breast ultrasound screening first. They attached to every bra their personal messages to persuade women to get a screening too. Then female customers passed their own messages of bravery. Results: 71% of women decided to visit a doctor after our BRAve nudge. By 265% BRAve collection was more successful in sales.  910 000 reach in points of sale. 2 000 000 earned reach in media

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