Sana Sorzhulenko

Sana Sorzhulenko

Creative DirectorKyiv, Ukraine
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Sana Sorzhulenko

Sana Sorzhulenko

Creative DirectorKyiv, Ukraine
  • Talk Against Violence
    Talk Against ViolenceTwo in three Ukrainians do not recognize manifestations of psychological violence. Those who recognize fight it with abuse. Spreading more violence. We've decided to call people not to fight, but to overcome violence as a fenomena. To talk against it. As there are words that hurt, and the words that can heal. Words that can build happy relations. First we’ve explained what is psychological violence, and why it is not acceptable. We created a neuroscience experiment, and launched nationwide conv
  • Making reading fun
    Making reading funIn February 2019 McDonald's offered books as a choice in Happy Meal. However, many Ukrainian parents don’t read to their kids. To persuade them, we showed that reading is fun both for parents and kids. “The Happy Meal book invasion” started with dinosaur’s footprint installation and contest for the biggest dino fan. Multi-artist MONATIK showed that reading can spark imagination to the point where fantasy breaks in the reality in a promo video and a launch event. Influencers joined the campaign i
  • Adrenaline Battle
    Adrenaline BattleAs Ukraine has the largest HIV/AIDS epidemic in Europe, UNICEF wanted to inform adolescents about HIV and motivate to test for it. Instead of lecturing or frightening teens, we made HIV testing a part of the world of daring experience. We created a digital-based game – Adrenaline Battle. It motivated teens to test for HIV and spread the word about it in social media. Celebrity-ambassadors led and accomplished tasks along with teens. 7,637 participants 44% more adolescents tested for HIV 2,057
  • BRAve
    BRAve25% of breast cancer cases are diagnosed too late, primarily because women are afraid to visit breast physician when they feel something is wrong. To help women overcome that fear we created a BRAve campaign for Avon Ukraine. Avon partnered with a lingerie brand Anabel Arto to launch a 'brave relay' of women encouraging each other to get check-up at the very moment they think about breasts—while buying a bra. A special lingerie collection—BRAve—was sewed by seamstresses who got breast ultrasound
  • It Is Real
    It Is RealBarni’s needed to convey to its core audience—parents—that Barni is a high-quality product made from simple ingredients. Knowing how much pressure there is on parents, we've decided to support their confidence in themselves and show that their kids need simple things like hugs and Barni. Based on research we arranged a social experiment: we asked people if they are good parents, and after showed the answers of real experts—their children. We showed that adults keep self-doubting, but children kn
  • Hero MP job offer
    Hero MP job offerIn 2018 Anti tobacco draft laws 2820 & 4030a were recommended to the Parliament review almost 2 years ago. During all that time they have not been included into the Parliament’s agenda. And though MPs including the Speaker knew about the draft laws they did nothing to work with them. We came up with a solution to search for an MP who would own the law initiatives and unite his or her colleagues to support them. To do so we launched a job offer: The people of Ukraine wanted to hire a Hero MP. Th
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Work history
    Creative DirectorBe—it Agency
    Kyiv, UkraineFull Time
    Responsibilities: leading the agency’s creative team, generating ideas and bringing them to life both online and offline, managing creative processes, talents mentoring and creative potential development within the agency and clients’ teams, overseeing design, video, web, and material production at Content Creation Lab. Clients: AHF, Avon, BASF, Coca-Cola, Danone, DRC/DDG, Eva, GlobalLogic, Glovo, Hasbro, HMD/Nokia, Life NGO, Mastercard, McDonald’s, MSD (aka Merck), Mondelez, P&G, Pandora, Philips, PrivatBank, Renaissance Foundation, Ronald McDonald House Charities, Sanofi, Shell, OLX, Ukrainian Stroke Association, UNICEF, WHO, WNISEF.